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MBWhatsApp , users can freeze their last  seen status , Change the app's theme to an iOS-like interface , and employ  many Privacy settings not offer in the Original WhatsApp. This modified version also allows fo r the simultaneous use Of  standerd WhatsApp alongside mod version MBWhatsApp on a  Single device. MBWhatsApp boasts premium features such as  hiding media , message Scheduling , from the device's gallery , auto-reply Skills , and enriched Security unique features like recording status , hiding typing and Anti-delete messages.
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The MB WhatsApp is a modified version Of  the popular messaging  application , WhatsApp. Developed by Stefano YG , this  mod Offers additional unique functionalities beyond the Official app. Users are drawn to MBWhatsApp due to Its increase features and unique Customization options , Providing an  enhance communication experience.

With MBWhatsApp , users can freeze their last  seen status , Change the app’s theme to an iOS-like interface , and employ  many Privacy settings not offer in the Original WhatsApp. This modified version also allows fo r the simultaneous use Of  standerd WhatsApp alongside mod version MBWhatsApp on a  Single device.

MBWhatsApp boasts premium features such as  hiding media , message Scheduling , from the device’s gallery , auto-reply Skills , and enriched Security unique features like recording status , hiding typing and Anti-delete messages.

MBWhatsApp stands as a Versatile alternate to  the official WhatsApp , Offering an collection Of  superior features and special customization  options. It caters to users seeking greater privacy , Control ,  and exclusive Personalization  in their messaging experience.

With its automated messaging features , various themes , multi-account Support , innovative  privacy controls , and enhanced  Security settings , MBWhatsApp aims to Provide users with a more tailored and flexible Platform for communication.

Overall , MBWhatsApp aims to provide  Users with a advance customizable and premium feature-rich messaging  experience Compared to the official  WhatsApp application. You can download latest version MBWhatsApp from  trusted Source such as Force APK.


MB WhatsApp Features


The premium feature-packed  expansion Of  WhatsApp’s functionalities is truly impressive:

  • Theme Options:

MBWhatsApp Provides a extensive collection Of  themes , including light mode , minimalistic designs , dark  mode , and vibrant Color schemes , Allowing users to personalize their Chat environment widely.

  • iOS Themes:

MB WhatsApp iOS Offers an interface similar to iOS for  Android users , encompassing layout styles , icon Shapes , and Visual elements to  match the iPhone experience.

  • Emoji Customization:

In mod version Allows users to not Only resize emojis but  also choice emoji styles from diverse platforms like Twitter , Apple , or Google , providing a plethora Of  advance options.

  • Font And Color Customization:

MB whatsapp ios 16 Offers a multitude Of  font  Sizes , styles , and unique colors , Authorizing users to tailor the appearance Of  their chat and text interface  according to their preferences.

  • Dual Account Support:

In MB whatsapp iphone Empowers the simultaneous usage Of  two WhatsApp accounts , Enabling individuals managing  personal and business accounts Or multiple phone numbers on the signal device.

  • Auto Reply And Message Scheduling:

Provides a comprehensive Scheduling significant feature that includes Scheduled messages for birthdays , reminders , automated responses , and several events , increasing Communication  efficiency.

  • Password-Protected Chats:

Implements multiple  security layers Such as passwords , fingerprint locks , or PINs for specific chats Or the entire app , confirming  sensitive Conversations remain private.

  • Message Any Unsaved Number:

In MB whatsapp ios 15 Allows users to send messages to Contacts  without saving their numbers first , Streamlining communication  with temporary or new  Contacts.

  • Efficient Large File Sharing:

Enables the user hassle-free and quick sharing Of  files up to 700MB , including long videos , high-resolution images , Or large documents , increasing media sharing Capabilities.

  • Create Custom Stickers:

In MB WhatsApp update download Offers an intuitive sticker  creation tool within the app , Allowing users to craft personalized stickers  from images Or drawings , fostering expressive and unique Conversations.

  • Hide Contact Names:

Provides an option to hide Contact names  during chats for delicate Privacy , displaying only the Phone  numbers or aliases selected by the user.

  • Blue Tick Control:

In MB WhatsApp Pro Allows users to manage the visibility Of  blue ticks (read receipts) Or globally or individually, Providing unique control over  message read status.

  • Enhanced Privacy Options:

MBWhatsApp Offers an collection Of  settings to hide various indicators  Such as ticks , names , and typing indicators , Guaranteeing delicate  privacy and discretion during Conversations.

  • Password Protection:

Strengthens security by enabling different Security  measures like Passwords , or PINs , fingerprint locks , for  specific chats or the whole app.

  • Anti-Delete Messages:

Empowers the users to access and retain messages  even after the Sender has deleted them , Confirming message history and retention.

  • Document Sharing:

MB whatsapp ios 15 Empowers direct sharing Of  documents within chats , Improving workflow and convenience efficiency.

  • Effortless Status Saving:

MB whatsapp ios 14 Simplifies saving Status  updates within the app , Removing the require for third-party apps.

  • Enhanced Media Sharing:

Enhance the media sharing limit to 1GB , Allowing for higher-quality and larger file transfers. Increase the Overall media sharing  Capacity  within the app , Allowing users to share a  wider range Of  media formats , higher-quality videos , images ,  Or audio files. This improvement ensures  efficient and more  Smoother sharing Of  several media types , providing to  diverse  user Preferences and needs.

  • Anti-View Once:

In mod version Allows users to View media files  multiple times , Even if they were initially set to be viewed only once , Giving additional control over  shared content.

  • Freeze Your Last Seen:

MB WhatsApp 9.35 APK download Grants users control Over and the capability to freeze  their “last seen” status for discreet Online activity and superior  privacy.

  • Disabling Forward Tag:

In MB WhatsApp 9.12 APK download eliminate the “forwarded” tag from  messages to maintain Originality.

  • Detailed Notifications:

In mod version of whatsapp Provides comprehensive  notifications for Different app activities.

  • Sticker Manager Plugin:

MBWhatsApp Simplifies the installation Of  many sticker Packs for diverse expression.

  • MB Themes Plugin:

Offers a extensive range Of  themes to customize and enhance the messaging interface.

  • Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode:

In mod version support users stay focused by turning Off notifications and alerts.

  • Larger File Transfer Limits:

Supports larger media files and enhance  Photo sharing limits Compared to official WhatsApp. Allows sharing Up to  90 images at once.

  • Advanced Status And Media Sharing:

Extends video Status limits and enhance media  sharing Capabilities. Improve the duration or size limit Of  video statuses  beyond the standard duration , enabling users to upload longer Videos  as their  status updates. This improvement Offers more flexibility for sharing moments or Content  through videos as part Of  their status.

  • Automation And Customization:

In mod version Allows automated responses and many emoji Styles  for increase user experience.

MB WhatsApp focuses on Providing a highly  secure , customizable , and significant feature-rich messaging experience , Catering to users  seeking enhance control and Personalization within their WhatsApp usage.




In conclusion , MB WhatsApp presents a robust  alternative to the official WhatsApp experience , Offering an extensive collection Of  features aimed at enhancing customization , bolstering Security , and expanding functionality. With its focus  on user Personalization and control , this modified version empowers  users in Many ways. Through diverse customization Options , iOS-themed interfaces , and the capability to  operate dual accounts , MB WhatsApp Provides a tailored experience. Advanced messaging  functionalities like message scheduling , Auto-reply ,  and Password-protected  chats ensure convenience and security. Improved privacy measures , including controlling blue ticks , hiding  Contact names , and anti-delete messages , Offer users greater confidentiality. The absence Of  intrusive ads contributes to an smooth Conversation flow.




Q: Who Developed Mbwhatsapp?

MBWhatsApp was developed by Stefano YG , a third-Party developer known for creating modified versions Of  popular applications.

Q: What Are The Major  Differences Between MB Whatsapp And The Original Whatsapp?

MB WhatsApp offers  extended media Sharing capabilities , Improved privacy controls , enhance customization options , and additional Security  features beyond the offical WhatsApp.

Q: Can I Use Multiple  Accounts On Mbwhatsapp On The Same Android Device?

Yes , MBWhatsApp allows the simultaneous use Of  two WhatsApp accounts on a same Android device.

Q: What Additional Features Does Mbwhatsapp Offer Compared To  The Original Whatsapp?

MBWhatsApp provides a extensive range Of  significant features such as increase themes , Scheduling messages , anti-delete messages , privacy  controls ,  and improved Customization options not offer in  the official WhatsApp.

Q: Is Using MB Mods  Whatsapp Safe?

Yes , Download and using  MBWhatsApp is safe , But It is always recommended download and install MBWhatsApp from  trusted and reputed Source such Forecapk.pro.

Q: Can I Use Mbwhatsapp Alongside The  Official Whatsapp?

Yes , MBWhatsApp supports running alongside  the standerd WhatsApp application On the singal device , Allowing users to  operate both simultaneously.

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